The beauty of supported self-publishing is that we don’t stop at lending a hand so your book can get published. We go over and beyond to offer services designed to help make your publishing journey an even more enriching experience.

Partridge Singapore’s marketing services are designed to support your campaigns across multiple platforms—from print to the Internet, through industry-respected publications to the cinema, or a combination of all.

A solid book means a well-polished book. To put it at par with industry standards, Partridge Singapore’s team of copyeditors will polish your manuscript till it shines like a pro—and all the while, you still retain creative control.

With Partridge Singapore, you always have a choice of formats—be it e-book, paperback, or hardcover.

Capture readers’ interest with an artful yet content-relevant book cover, smooth interior layout, and vibrant illustrations. Our designers and artists will give body to your ideas and even offer suggestions on how you can further improve your book’s design.

Partridge Singapore’s pre-publication and post-page layout services ensure that you are aware of your options during the entire process.

We roll out a line-up of services designed to help you sell your book—or convince retailers to stock copies of it.