Marketing Services

Wherever your readers are, Partridge Singapore offers you the traditional methods and the latest digital innovations in marketing to reach them. You took control of the creative side of publishing, now you can also take charge of the marketing aspect with Partridge Singapore’s total support.

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Online Radio Services

Harness the power of the airwaves to promote your book.

Internet Marketing

For a published author, the Internet is a place full of book marketing opportunities. It has also become an indispensable tool for reaching out to millions of potential readers worldwide. Build a presence and a following for your book online and gain exposure through Partridge Singapore’s wide array of Internet Marketing tools.

Press Releases

A press release is a must in any marketing campaign. However, creating an effective press release campaign is not that easy. That’s where we come in to help. Our team of publicity specialists will gladly assist you in launching a press release campaign. Browse through our Press Release options to find out which service is best suited for you and your book.


Partridge Singapore's Publicity Services lets you spread the word about your book in a wide scope, from local to global.

Our publicity campaigns have been designed in partnership with LAVIDGE, an award-winning advertising and publicity agency, to make sure there’s a campaign right for you and your message. We're here to help you get the word out about your work. See what we have to offer.

Book Reviews

A respected and impartial book review is priceless for any author. Whether a book is traditionally published or self-published or whether an author is a seasoned professional or a novice debuting with a first title, a book review is essential to be competitive in the publishing industry.

Book Signings and Galleries

Book signings are a great opportunity to directly interact with potential readers. With Partridge Singapore, you can have a professional book-signing event at some of the largest literary festivals in the United States. Our staff will assist you during your book signing, which will be held at booth at the events. You can also set up your own book signings at your local stores with a Book Signing Kit, which includes essential promotional materials such as bookmarks and contact information.

Book galleries are an affordable marketing tool to effectively reach new customers at just one location.

Book Videos

Partridge Singapore’s video services cross media genres and create a lasting impression.

Book Exhibits

With Partridge Singapore's Book Exhibit Services, you can put your book on the publishing map by attracting hundreds, if not thousands, of new readers and interested book buyers. Take the opportunity to showcase your book to new markets across the country and around the world.

Choose from carefully selected annual book trade shows to promote your book. The Book Exhibit Marketing service comes with the Press Release – Web-Optimised edition. This potent duo of your personal presence and a press release campaign targeting traditional and new media outlets will give your book the best possible exposure to interested readers, book buyers, and librarians.

Hollywood Book to Screen

The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, Dracula, The Lord of the Rings. Can you guess what these titles have in common? They're all box-office hits that first started as best-selling novels. Hollywood has shown a growing fascination with books that capture the imagination of readers by adapting them into television shows or films.

Interested in finding out if your book has Hollywood potential? Partridge Singapore's Book-to-Screen Services take you a step closer to realising your dream of your story making its way to the big screen. Get a script coverage, treatment, or screenplay format of your book created and make it accessible to producers, directors, script writers, and other industry movers looking for material for their next TV show or film.


Advertising in high-profile publications is a proven method to generate public interest in your book. However, the individual costs involved can be prohibitive. Our advertising services help you save on costs—you can pool resources with fellow Partridge Singapore authors and advertise as a group in prestigious publications such as the New York Times Sunday Book Review.