Print-Ready Marketing Materials

Our graphic designers will create professional print-ready marketing materials to help you promote your book with maximum exposure. You can customize these materials according to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it's for book events, promotions, or any other marketing efforts, our print-ready materials are sure to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.


Size: 2" × 8"

Create a memorable experience for your readers by offering custom bookmarks that showcase the cover of your book.

Bookmarks with QR Code

Size: 2" × 8"

Add a modern twist to your bookmarks with QR codes, linking directly to your book's bookstore page.

Business Cards

Size: 2" × 3.5"

Network like a pro with professional business cards that introduce you as an author and your book


Size: 4.25" × 6"

Spread the word about your book through captivating postcards, perfect for promotions and events


Size: 18" × 24"

Go big with book posters! Promote your work on a larger canvas and grab attention wherever you go.

Please Note:

  • The content on this page is provided as a sample and for informational purposes only.
  • Sizes of print marketing materials mentioned here are subject to change without notice.
  • For the most current and accurate information regarding print marketing materials, please discuss with your Publishing Services Associate or Marketing Services Associate.
  • The print marketing materials you receive may vary depending on the package or services you choose. Please review your specific package details for more information.