Bookstore Placement in an Independent Bookstore in Malaysia

When it comes to all things literary, a bookstore, library, or school hallway might be the setting that comes to mind. It’s no wonder then that you, a patron of literature, would want to get your book displayed and sold in a physical bookstore. After all, seeing your book on the shelves still holds a degree of credibility that most authors dream of.

So how can a self-published author like you convince establishments to carry your work on their shelves?

This service gives authors like you the opportunity to have three to five paperback copies of your book stocked in one local bookstore for ten weeks.

While Partridge Singapore maintains a healthy relationship with participating bookstores, we cannot guarantee that the stores will accept your book. Bookstores may opt to refuse to stock a certain book if they deem the contents offensive in some way, and some stores only stock specific types of books.