Set Your Own Price Programme

Partridge Singapore’s Set Your Own Price (SYOP), which is included in select publishing packages, gives you (as the author) the power to control the retail price of your book while still enjoying the same royalty rates on each copy sold. If you would like to reduce or increase your book's list price, then this is the programme for you.

There are three key elements to how your SYOP pricing works: your book's final page count, the type of book—whether black & white or full-colour—and finally whether it is a softcover or hardcover version of your book.  You can customize the price for the hardcover and paperback versions of your book separately.  

Leverage the SYOP service with the Author Advantage Royalty program and give your title the edge it needs in a competitive marketplace while reaping maximum royalties. Contact Partridge Singapore to learn more about pairing these add-ons together.