Partridge India assures you of a worry-free submission and publishing process with our pre-publication and post-publication services designed to answer your author needs from file conversions to last-minute revisions.


When a book has gone live and the author finds issues which need to be corrected, we can resubmit the file to the printer to update future copies.

Pre-Manuscript Services

Some manuscripts require a little more work than others. Partridge India offers intensive services that can tweak, organise and polish your book.

Post-Page Layout Services

If you need to make changes to your book after it has been sent to the printer, Partridge India provides post-publishing services that will accurately carry out your changes.

Post-Publishing Services

Sometimes authors find elements of their book that they would like to change after it has been sent to the printer. These post-publishing changes will require different services in order to be carried out properly.