Marketing Services

Partridge India provides the latest digital and traditional marketing strategies to help you create a promotional campaign specific to the needs of your book. Our marketing services allow you to control the direction you want to take your book with the complete support of Partridge India behind you.

Download Marketing Guide

Download Marketing Guide

Online Radio Services

Partridge India can make your voice heard on the airwaves to help you reach new audiences and further your cause.

Internet Marketing

Since its invention, the Internet has been one of the world’s greatest equalizers. It’s the most effective, widespread and easy-access market for any author. Reach a global audience with these tailor-made services.

Online Video Services

Do more than just tell your story. A professionally-produced author book video shows your target audience what it is all about as your story cinematically unfolds before their very eyes.


Our publicity campaigns have been designed in partnership with LAVIDGE, an award-winning advertising and publicity agency, to make sure there’s a campaign right for you and your message.

Gaining media attention is an integral part of any impactful book marketing campaign. The first step to this is to announce your book’s availability through a professionally-written press release.

Print Advertising

Advertising in a print publication is a great way to announce your book to the world. Through Partridge India's Print Advertising program, you get access to affordable and convenient opportunities to promote your book.

Book Review

Partridge India can help get your book into the hands of reputable and professional book reviewers who have the potential to spread positive messages about your work.

Book Exhibits

Meet your audience face-to-face by participating in a book signing, or by displaying your book in a gallery at major book industry events.