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Know Your Enemy Within Bridging Knowledge and Practice of Management
Know Your Enemy Within Bridging Knowledge and Practice of Management Kooveli Madom

The disconnect between knowledge and performance is a continuing debate. This book attempts to unravel the criticality of complimentary individual factors over academic credentials in determining success.

An endeavour to bridge the void between formal knowledge and real-world demands on practice of management, the book exposes chinks in application of management knowledge in isolation and the need to recognise the accelerating obsolescence of management theories. The intent is to sensitise management students and practitioners on nurturing an open mind on continuous learning, challenging, and application of knowledge with contextual sensitivity.

Our educational system fails to address the critical elements essential to effectively put into practice the formal knowledge from an undergraduate /graduate program.

Gaps between formal education and real-world practice are filled by a mentor/coach on the job, who interprets situations in the context of theories to carve a judicious just-in-time amalgam of concepts to apply and interpret outcomes.

This book is expected to be such a coach or mentor—not a lecturer on theory, not a replacement for text books, but a guide and a companion. I hope readers will find value, help supplement the content, and educate the author from their own experiences and views.