Book Videos

Partridge Singapore’s video services cross media genres and create a lasting impression.

15-sec Video Marketing

Advertise your book in a widely-used platform. Get it in front of a huge and engaged audience with uninterrupted short ads on YouTube.

Video Book Talk

Join the streaming revolution, and reach new readers on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and YouTube with Video Book Talk. 

Standard Book Video

Present your story to potential readers in a succinct video with texts, images, video clips, and motion graphics.

Premium Book Video

See your work come to life in a video with texts, images, video clips, and motion graphics with music and professional voiceover that you can share in social media and blogging platforms.

BookStream Video Advertising - Standard

Bridge distances with target readers all over the world with Partridge Singapore’s BookStream Video Advertising packages. Through a book video advertisement on YouTube, the number one online video-sharing portal, authors like you will be able to reach a much wider audience.