Bookstore Essentials

Partridge Singapore's Bookstore Essentials greatly increase the likelihood of bookstores and other book buyers to stock or purchase your work. Partridge Singapore provides professional bookselling services that make your published book even more attractive to bookstores. By making your book returnable or offering previews, bookstores and other book buyers receive additional incentives to stock or purchase your book.

Author Advantage Royalty Programme

Maximize book profits with Author Advantage Royalty Programme! 

Set Your Own Price

Take control of your book's price with our Set Your Own Price (SYOP) programme. Customize retail prices and maximize royalties for both hardcover and paperback versions. Pair with Author Advantage Royalty for a winning edge.

Bookstore Placement

One of the challenges self-published authors face is getting physical bookstores to display and stock copies of their book. This is where we come in. With our Bookstore Placement, getting your book displayed and made available in bookstores no longer has to be a daunting task.