Web Ad Marketing on Google

Reach readers online by displaying your book’s ad in the pages they are likely to visit. How? Watch the video below to find out how our Web Ad Marketing service can help you tap into Google’s massive display advertising network.

Web Ad Marketing on Google

Hey, Author.

How would you like to advertise your book on an online network that includes more than 2 million websites? With Google’s Display Advertising Network, you now can.

Just how big is this network? Let’s put it this way ...

This vast network can help you reach your readers no matter where they are in the world. In fact, the websites in this network reach over 90% of people on the internet in more than 100 countries—that’s a lot of potential readers just waiting to discover your book.

So the question now is: How can you use this vast network to promote your book?

Introducing the Web Ad Marketing on Google service. Reach potential readers on the web and across a number of devices. How? By displaying your book as an image ad on websites in the Google Display Network.

But that’s not all. This service is about targeted marketing too. Your ads will be featured in websites that your readers are likely to visit.

This is how it works:

  1. We create your ad. (We will create an image ad for your book.)
  2. Tell us about your target readers. (This will help us identify websites relevant to their interests.)
  3. We send you a fulfillment report. (This includes stats and a performance evaluation of your ad.)

Easy and straightforward enough, right?

Now all that’s left is for you to choose your Web Ad Marketing Package. Choose from a 30-Day Campaign, a 60-Day Campaign, or a 90-Day Campaign, or you can go big and choose our Web Ad Marketing on Google — Supreme Package. With this package, you get additional services such as:

  • Your very own website that we’ll create for you
  • A web plug-in to help you create and manage your site’s mailing list
  • 15 digital BookStub™ cards, which offer a one-time free download of your book

Sign up for your Google Display Ad package today.

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