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What are the formats available?


The e-book format provides easy portability for readers who commute and travel and can also be downloaded immediately—perfect for the modern reader!


A tangible and also lightweight choice, the paperback format is still extremely popular among readers and provides the timeless pleasure of flipping through a book.


The hardcover format gives your book a touch of class, announcing that it is here to stay among the other established titles of the literary world.


What kind of design support am I getting for my book cover?

Cover Customisation

Take control of the artistic direction of your book. Partridge Publishing has all the tools you need to fully customise your book cover and make it what you’ve envisioned.

Stock Images

Maybe you’ve got an idea or a concept of how your book is supposed to look, but you just can’t seem to find the appropriate images. Take your pick from Getty Images’s library of high-quality photography and choose two images.

Access to Cover Samples

Selecting a front cover can be challenging, but we’re happy to provide helpful guidance. Get the inspiration you need via Partridge India’s sample covers.

Basic Cover Text Editing

How important is a reader’s first impression? Very! Have our team of professionals check the grammar and spelling of your cover text, including your title, author bio, and book summary.


Cover Copy Polish

With Partridge India's Cover Copy Polish service, our professional copywriters will make helpful suggestions on the hardcover flap, back cover copy, author bio copy, and keynote of your book to make them more marketable.


ISBN Assignment

An ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, gives your book its unique numerical identity—essential for book distribution and libraries. Let us take care of this process for you and get your book properly registered.


What kind of design support am I getting for interior design?

Custom Design Support

Our expert designers will help you create a book that looks appealing, professional, and easy to read. Our production team will help you select the right size, fonts, layout, and design for your text and illustrations.We approach book design as individual expressions, not as templates.

Option for Long and Complex Interior Design Service

This option suits book with formats that have special layout requirements, such as formulas, unique symbols, numerous citations, or unusual text designs. Very useful for poetry and cookbooks, as well as books of an academic nature.

Image Insertions

Do you have graphics, images, or tables that complement your text? Each Partridge publishing package includes an allowance for images to be inserted into the interior layout without any extra cost.





Option for Illustrated Images

Is your story best read with illustrated images? Communicate your vision to a Publishing Services Associate who will work with Partridge artists to turn them into visual designs. Additional illustrations are available at an add-on price. A discount may apply according to your package.

Optional add-on

Optional add-on with 20% discount

Optional add-on with 40% discount

Optional add-on with 40% discount


Using the Oxford Style of Writing as a basis, our team of seasoned copyeditors will catch grammar mistakes and spelling errors before your book goes to press. We review your manuscript carefully, correcting errors in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Optional add-on

Optional add-on with 20% discount

Optional add-on with 40% discount

Electronic Proofs of Your Book

See a draft of your book before the final output.


Round of Free Corrections (Block of 25)


Optional Extra Round of Corrections (Block of 25)






Where can people buy my book?

India Online Retail Channel(


Ingram Retail Channels - Amazon, Barnes Noble, etc



Through Partridge's inventory management, we handle the printing and stocking of your book to ensure that your book is always made available to online retail channels in India.


How many copies do I get?

Individual Book Copies


Paperback Author Copy

The first print of your book, which we send to you for review and approval (no shipping cost).



After you approve your copy of the book, we send you complimentary copies (shipping and handling charges apply).





Hardcover Author Copy

The first print of your hardcover book, which we send to you for review and approval (no shipping cost).



After you approve your copy of the book, we send you complimentary copies (shipping and handling charges apply).




BookStub™ Cards

A BookStub™ card comes in the convenient form of a plastic business card, with your book’s cover on the front and instructions for ordering your book on the back. The lucky recipients of your card can use the card’s scan-able QR code to order your book from the BookStub™ page of our website.


Promotional E-books

Give away copies of your e-book to friends and family by simply e-mailing the download code and instructions to them. One code is good for one download only.




What kind of promotional and marketing support do you provide?

Social Media Set-Up Guide with Banner

Set up and manage your own social media profiles online with the help of our guide. You also get a customised banner that features your book, which you can use as an email signature, on social media, or for other purposes.


Barnes and Noble Read Instantly, Amazon Look Inside, and Google Preview

These features offer readers the opportunity to preview selected pages of your book online—usually the front cover, the table of contents, and the first few pages—and even search for specific terms within those pages.


Promotional Materials

Book marketing—up front and personal. No one can promote your book better than you. Announce your book’s release through marketing materials featuring the cover (shipping within India is included).


Business Cards (91mm x 55mm)

These are great for networking events, book fairs, or simply introducing yourself to someone new. They feature the cover of your book on the front, as well as ordering information on the back. Get a free card case with orders of 100!





Postcards (139mm x 107mm)

A clever way of informing someone about your book—from afar or in the same city—our postcards feature the cover of your book on the front with a summary of your book on the back.





Flyers (216mm x 279mm)

Our flyers contain comprehensive information about your book, along with a picture of your book’s cover and the 'About the Book' and 'About the Author' sections. To top it off, the also include information on how to order your title so people can read about you and take action right away.





Posters (42.6cm x 60.1cm)

Get large-scale versions of your book cover you can use for your promotional events.




Website Set-up and Design

Our Web Design Marketing Service comes in three packages: Starter, Regular and Advanced. Whichever package you choose, we will take care of your website’s HTML creative design and content. What’s more, the domain name registration and web hosting fulfillment are free for a whole year.

Facebook Advertising Program

What better way to spread awareness about your book than by promoting it through a short-run introductory advertising campaign on the biggest social media network in India? An ad featuring your book cover will appear on the News Feeds of your target audience, which you select according to location and demographics.


One week

Two weeks

Press Release

Grab media attention with an expertly written press release delivered to media outlets based on your location, your book’s genre, and other essential details. The recipients include magazines, newspapers, online publications, and radio and TV programs.


300 English Speaking India-Based Media Outlets

500 English Speaking Media Outlets Worldwide

500 English Speaking Media Outlets Worldwide

One Column Print Ad in The Book Review

Announce your book's release through a traditional print advertisement in The Book Review, an established book review journal in India. Dating back to 1976, it provides reviews on books published across a full spectrum of subjects, and hence serves as a key platform for promoting Indian authors.


Standard Book Video

Let your book's message come to life in a 45- to 60-second trailer uploaded on YouTube. Using images, we create a eye-catching video that puts the spirit of your book into motion.


Not sure which package to choose?

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Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes (such as sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax), which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Prices listed do include the copies of the book; the cost of shipping and handling will be calculated and charged after your book is made available for sale.