Platinum Full Colour

₹ 3,00,000.00

Our superior Platinum Package offers the sum of our features from all other Partridge packages as well as further ways to accentuate your book’s image and finesse. We offer book video that is uploaded to YouTube – giving you that extra dimension to attract and interest more readers. A press release that reaches a minimum of 500 relevant media outlets, along with extended advertising on Facebook, both serve to sharpen your market penetration.

To enhance the inside of your book, we also provide copy-editing services to ensure that your work is ready to meet the eyes of a discerning audience. With your book available in paperback through online India retailers, as well as purchasable on, you have the ability to reach your readership both domestically and internationally.

The Platinum Full Colour package includes:

Additional editing, design, marketing, and book selling services can be purchased separately.

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