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A Book Without Chapters: ...contains the key to salvation, THE LONGEST SPOKEN SENTENCE IN THE WORLD!
A Book Without Chapters: ...contains the key to salvation, THE LONGEST SPOKEN SENTENCE IN THE WORLD! Rohit Sharma

A love triangle

King Joseph (KJ), Jasmine, and Riot

The year is 1966; it is the time when it is a sort of fashion that people study things for years at a stretch and become proficient in them.
Moreover, he is the Ph.D (Psychology) scholar King Joseph, the mastermind genius KJ of the Oxford University.
What next is to happen in this novel is quite obvious. KJ has worked hard 'night and day' and has become proficient in his topic of thesis, that is, to study the effect of perfumes on human mind so well that has become capable to alter and hence control the emotions of people he wants by exposing them to fragrances; even of the mentors of his esteemed institution named Oxford.
But of no use! Alas! He cannot alter the mind of Jasmine whom he has recently fallen in love with. The reason is that she is so fond of jasmine perfume that already remains surrounded by its fragrance all the time. For some time, the story tells us that how he tries to deal with the situation. But further, Riot, his old and estranged friend comes in the scene to make the matters worst for him. Of course, in the Oxford where numerous subjects are studied and taught, occult sciences have never been in the prohibited list. Riot had finished doing his Ph.D in them quite a long time ago. In fact, Riot is an occultist who has spent his entire academic life studying Indian sciences like yoga, transcendental meditation, astral projections, remote viewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, and a lot many others including some such ones too which come under the category of black magic. Even KJ sees that with his slight wish, he can lift people in the air and make them fly.
This story was originally written scene by scene to claim the Oscar Award one day for original screenplay but landed here in front of you, just by chance.
The name 'A Book Without Chapters' has its meaning explained in the last pages when even despite being bloodthirsty in the rivalry of a love triangle situation, Joseph (KJ) realizes that he, Riot, Jasmine, everyone, just everyone, even the person reading this novel's introduction right now, is just like a book. The main difference however lies in the fact that some books in this world are with chapters and some are without chapters. The concept of simulation of a person as a book is so simple and so strong that the writer expects that the reader shall also begin to see one's own life as a book, just as the actors of this novel begin to do by the end.