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Aharam: Traditional Cuisine of Tamil Nadu
Aharam: Traditional Cuisine of Tamil Nadu Sabita Radhakrishna

Tamilian cookery has its own distinctive traditions, but to most people outside this community, only the stereotypes are distinguishable the ubiquitious dosai, idlis, sambars and chutneys without which southern cuisine would be incomplete. Few are aware of the rich repertoire of traditional non Brahmin Tamil cookery, both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian dishes. Sabita Radhakrishna was inspired to write Aharam as she was distressed to note that recipes were languishing and elders no longer alive to pass on their knowledge. She began recording her mother’s traditional recipes, testing and trying them out for a year or more, compiling this book which is a Bible for those women and men who consider ancient recipes sacred. Aharam has been contemporarised to suit the modern kitchen and has documented over 170 recipes which include breakfast dishes, vegetarian dishes, mutton, chicken, fish and egg dishes and sweets.

Aharam-Traditional Cuisine of Tamil Nadu won the coveted GOURMAND award for the category ‘ Best Local Cookery Book in India’ for the year 2002.