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Roots of Financial Freedom: A Timeless Financial Planning Guide
Roots of Financial Freedom: A Timeless Financial Planning Guide Snjkv

Over the past many years, the author’s experience in India has been that, most advisers and their clients or individuals do not understand the concept of financial planning in its spirit and entirety. In this financial planning guidebook for students, budding advisers, and individuals, the author explores how to:

identify and address various financial needs and goals
strategically mitigate inherent risks in life and investments
attain financial freedom for oneself and future generations
ensure that the hard-earned money works best for one’s needs

The author also highlights the rise of the financial planning profession in India, regulations practitioners should know, as well as how financial planners can help their clients tread carefully and achieve their goals. The guide includes a reference section to help individuals improve their knowledge of personal finance as well as explanations of key terms.

Get the guidance you need to develop a financial plan that will deliver impressive results with the insights and strategies