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The Adventures of Iggy the Rock
The Adventures of Iggy the Rock Jennifer Malyka

The Adventures of Iggy the Rock is a humorous tale about the journey of a rock named Iggy and his travels to the earth's crust. Taking place millions of years ago on Pangea, young readers travel back in time to experience the growing pains of Iggy as he becomes an igneous rock, a sedimentary rock, and then a metamorphic rock. By animating each stage of the rock cycle in a comical manner, the story transforms the rock cycle from ordinary to sublimely terrestrial with human-like characteristics and wisdom. The main characters of this story include the wise and ageless Grandpa Neous, the hilarious conglomerate rock, Seddie, and a rock group called the Sediments. As there is little science fiction out there about the rock cycle, this story is an awesome resource for introducing the basics of the rock cycle to middle school learners. With a little over 1,400 words, this story is a perfect feature as a fictional story in a science textbook.