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Kingdom in Dream: The Prime Minister
Kingdom in Dream: The Prime Minister P.T.MORE

A young and learned man gets up this day late than usual. He is getting everything innovative and different! After the lunch, he walks towards a cattle house. He wends to a hotel to read a newspaper, and it is aside of the street. ‘Thousand billions corruption’ in River Joint Project, he gets shock. This news is against his moral thinking! On the other hand, his parents hold him responsible for every incident. A family clash causes to his hungry sleep. He gets a dream-he gets a birth as a son of the social reformer. He being a naughtiest boy, his parents plan to keep him in a boarding school. He enjoys the boarding life playing the football on exam days also. When he acknowledges the nation’s delicate status, he has a dream to make it a superpower. He enters politics, and establishes the new political party to become the prime minister. He arranges a lot assemblies, rallies and wins the general election. He begins to take an oath… It is a time of the rising morning so his mama calls him constant. She disturbs it in vain. He feels nothing is with the poor people, their dreams also!