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#MyLifeline : Part – I
#MyLifeline : Part – I Sevak

Happiness can be elusive, and so often young people are dejected, depressed, and unmotivated because of their past failures. So how can we learn from our mistakes, uncover the positive in life, and try to improve, help others, and face the world with a smile?

In #MyLifeline, anyone who needs to feel encouraged in life can follow the coming-of-age story of Nishaan—a kind, humble, and selfless young man who is starting his journey from college to the corporate world. Accompanied by friends on his new life's journey and finally meeting a sweet, soft-spoken, and softhearted girl, Shikha, who opens his world, Nishaan is able to confront the challenges of life with determination and support.

Even though it can be difficult to find happiness, we can use Nishaan's story to stay motivated and positive even through the most challenging of circumstances. If we are able to face our challenges and put forth a positive effort, we too can beat depression and find a way to love again.