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Fisticuff of the Souls
Fisticuff of the Souls Matilda Pinto

Fisticuff of the Souls unties the story of two everyday women. It begins with the unanticipated death of Teru. Dead, Teru’s spirit lingers on to seek answers to a thousand questions, which eluded her in her lifetime. Her spirit perspective superseding her earthly limitations, Teru is liable to apprehend the truth that deliverance, for better or worse, is a collaborative effort. Nothing else counts.

Teru’s counterpart, Awra, savors life despite her tribulations. And in her passage through existence, the narration abounds with priceless gleanings, both sad and glad, making her as intricate a character as Teru is.

Tabby and Chibby, their animal companions, mediate to make sense of their heaven-bound journey. Will Awra rise above her physicality and detach herself from the mundane? The two agree that even if Awra does visit life after death as Teru did, to untangle the riddles of her life, neither can vouch for Awra’s sagacity to discern that a soul’s journey is a pageant of characters, both big and small. It is either all for one or one for all, resonating in the tales of other folks transcending place and time, not precluding Awra.

What will Awra pick? The question continues to engage Tabby and Chibby.