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A Book of Brainless Thought
A Book of Brainless Thought Samir Samuel David

The queue was getting shorter, and I too was getting closer to something. It was a big cloud, a hazy one. Everyone was calling this cloud with a name as they were coming closer to it. I wasn’t able to hear it clearly from a distance, but as I reached pretty close, I heard the name “God.” Yes, God was what I heard. The small hazy clouds were calling this huge hazy cloud as God. What is this God? I kept thinking as I was moving closer to it.

My turn came, and I was in front of it. The first thing I said to it was God! And to this it replied, “Yes, son.” I was so surprised, frightened, and nervous. I wasn’t able to understand the reason for which I called it a god. May be it was some automated command fed into all of us.

Then this god showed me a golden gate just behind it. It was this huge gate, with beautiful carved images on it as if it was telling a story about someone or something. God bent down to its knees and started telling me, or I should say, started giving me a series of instructions.