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Invisible Threads: My Voice Has Been Silenced Forever
Invisible Threads: My Voice Has Been Silenced Forever Shobha Kulkarni

Invisible Threads' is about the Individual soul’s timeless inward journey into Space. Our souls are connected with Invisible Threads to the Cosmic Energy. We are so engrossed in this materialistic world that we forget we are not Body, Mind and Soul but something beyond that and our search begins. In the beginning, the poems are about the atrocities, the pain inflicted by those in power on the weak and the poor. They deal with the socio- political and economic aspects of the society and the exploitation of women. Some of the poems are of a woman‘s identity crisis and her search of her true identity. Women still do not enjoy freedom and her voice is silenced.

Later on, the shift is towards the inner journey and the impediments one has to face to find Space in the crowded world and in the crowded mind which has been compared to a dustbin. Most of the poems are meditative and we soon realize that Space is within us. Mother Earth has a great influence on us. If we remain connected to her she gives us the courage to complete our life’s journey. ‘Mother you whisper, we pay no heed’. It’s easy to connect with everyone and everything through Invisible Threads that connects us to the Cosmic Energy.