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The Ein Stein S.O.S
The Ein Stein S.O.S Girish Rathna

In the year 1780, two years since the end of the previous adventure, the lost city of gods has been discovered. Hidden among textured hieroglyphs in a secret gold chamber, an urgent message meets the need to be delivered. Gowtham must be awakened.
The world is at its bloodiest war, but amid looms four secret technologies that which threaten to resurrect demons and creatures from ancient mythology. They will reappear and chaos the world once again. An assortment of a small team of men and the beautiful Maude, travel the world to stop them. But while some believe their Messiah has returned, why is that some reckon Gowtham is a threat to humanity?
From the hottest desert in the world, to the coldest battlefield of the war; from the terror chambers of the Labyrinth, to the horror of the Black Sun cult; from the architectural wonder of the Taj Mahal, to the engineering splendor of the Yamato; this novel proves testimony to Gowtham’s adventure, yet again.
But can a simple Ein Stein S.O.S, a code, impact the world as to offer good an upper hand over bad? Will a cockamamie distress call bring the world to peace?