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Voice from the East
Voice from the East Neel Preet

Voice from the East is a well-versed poetry book having a collection of thirty-five very appealing poems. Most of these poems are written with a sense of emotional touch. The book consists of a vivid range of topics since these poems had touched a lot of subjects within them. Some of these poems possess very deep meanings, trying to flash out the depth of life experiences. This book is perfectly composed for readers since it covers all the ranges of the poems touching the common aspects of the human life. These poems are based upon common lifetime experiences. This book also features some very fine allegories, sonnets, free verses, fantasies, a ballad, and also a lyric. While a few of these poems also flashes out light on mythological subjects, historical events, religious sentiments, philosophies, imaginations, and the environment. Also there are some romantic poems and some tragic poems as well. In this book, readers will find a very colorful presentation of the various facets of life, joys, sorrow, pains, hope, victory, morality, reflecting the phases of life.