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Percival: The Mrodic Wars
Percival: The Mrodic Wars Rajiv Chopra

The book was originally written as a blog, to entertain my children at night, and was originally intended as a an unending adventure.
The story revolves around the adventures of an unlikely and unwilling hero, Percival the Pig, who wins the hand of his great love, Bessie, only to lose her on their honeymoon, As the story unfolds, Percival sets of in search of her, with his one time rivals, Basil and Thyme,
As they journey in search of her, they make some unlikely friends, who are captured by an evil, magical, race called The Mrodics. During the course of their adventures, Percival finds true love in the most unlikely of places. They have adventures, are captured, and often escape in the most miraculous manner.
Percival grows, or seems to grow, during the course of the adventures, and waxes forth in a most philosophical manner at times. However, he inspires a band of followers to rally behind him, in the fight against evil, and the Mrodics.
His adventures are a blend of the humorous, the romantic, and are full of his antics and philosophical musings. This is the story of Percival, as well as his adventures.