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Behind the Headlines
Behind the Headlines Zeenat Khan

It is January 2015 when the body of Indian superstar Krish Samrat is discovered in his hotel room and at the same day and same time super star Krish Samrat was being aired live on a chat show which was being telecast from London. In charge of the investigation is police officer Romi Damodar, who now must leave no stone unturned while attempting to find out who murdered the popular superstar or was he actually murdered. With few clues to follow, his job may be more challenging than he ever imagined.
When footage from a hotel security camera leads Romi to the suspect, it reveals a glimpse into how the suspect has planned a deadly endeavor in order to seek justice for someone very beloved who was kissed to death a year earlier during a strange chain of events that culminated outside the superstar’s home.
As the suspect exposes the details of the vengeful mission also was revealed a shocking truth which wasn’t telecast as any headlines by media.
In this thrilling tale of love, insecurity, revenge and hate, a superstar is found dead in his hotel room, leaving a suspect to provide a behind-the-headlines look into the mind of a killer.