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Headmasterji Sandeep Sharma

The book describes the life of a man with a literacy mission. Headmasterji born in 1913 ,who hailed from Surajgarh, a small village of Rajasthan, India. He was a multifaceted personality and contributed towards the social and educational reforms. He was a firm believer of "Education for all". The book also provides us details about headmasterji's vision for surajgarh education and how surajgarh stand tall in education. The book is written in the backdrop of Independence movement of India. The atrocities and the pain of India- Pakistan partition has been outlined in the book. The book describes the efforts of Headmasterji to bring in reforms for development and growth of the children of Surajgarh .The book presents headmasterji who was first postgraduate of Lahore university in 1932.Headmasterji was the pioneer for bringing in the Gram agriculture cultivation(agrculture revolution) in this region in 1930.before that gram was not grown here.Because of the good soil conditions , the region was leading in gram cultivation. this led to first step towards industrilsation of the region.Around 100 Pulse mills started in the surajgarh ,mandi .region. headmasterji was the first person with such a high qualification to be principle of PB High School.
the book also presents surajgarh's first peoples movement against the local authority for implementing the high house tax before 1960 by Headmasterji. the book also gives an insight into first election at surajgarh and headmasterji/s role in it after independence .The book also gives insight in the first election at students union, in chairman of surajgarh and MP from surajgarh.
the book also provide historical details about surajgarh, its development from preindependence era to the present era.
this is first book with mention of Rambilasji headmasterji and surajgarh.