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Till The Last Cut Is Delivered . . .
Till The Last Cut Is Delivered . . . Vasanth Kumar J

This is an anthology of poems written over the course of fifteen years weaved with diverse themes that focus mainly on the journey than the destination. It also stresses on the aspect of being human and absorbing one's surroundings, dreams and visions, yet not getting caught up in the madness of the fast life that currently dictates us. The format of the poems ebb and flow from classical to modern archetypes and stereotypes with the added essence of rhyme, reason, and random, however clichéd it may seem to be. It is an overall reflection of experiences, observations, and perspectives expressed through an art form which is muse-driven and dream-laden. It is true that beauty lies is the eye of the beholder, but it is in the heart of a reader that the life of an art form sincerely lies. This was purely done for the joy of creative writing and is not meant for critics to revel or patrons to parade upon. I hope you skip a beat, shed a tear, carve a grin, burn in rage, breathe a sigh, and kill your sorrows, for we are all kindred spirits of an eternal fire.