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Vernal Strokes
Vernal Strokes Latha Prem Sakhya

There is in each one of us a treasure trove of memories. Often times, in the rigmarole of daily life we tend to forget these special moments. We forget what it was like to feel, wonder, to be grateful or to experience love. Vernal Strokes lets you sit back as Latha Prem Sakhya walks you through those moments once again. As you retrospect with the poet you will once again feel nature, experience love, face tribulations and re-affirm your whole being. The reader will be forced to take a minute to look back at the finer details in his/her life. As you see life through Latha’s eyes you see a life lived in love – with nature, with her family and with her spouse. But the key takeaway here is the reminder of how closely intertwined man was with nature. The older generations can reminisce, the younger ones can have glimpse of what they are missing. But the ardent reader will be forced to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes, bereft of the walls that civilization has imposed on us all – the true, yet utopian idea of man, beast and nature as one whole family. In conclusion, this is a generous, kind and heartwarming collection of poems that one can turn to each time you feel life is just “going on”. It will take you through an array of experiences and myriad of emotions that can bring back the MAGIC that God expects and man deserves to have in one’s life.
Reny M John