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Lost Callahan
Lost Callahan Aaksa Karuna Shah

Emma, Saphy, Ilesha, Yukti, and David are living peacefully under the same roof until a severe tragedy hits them. Something happens to Emma. Saphy loses her best friend. Ilesha moves out. Yukti is left to face the most challenging part of her life. Amidst the chaos, Saphy sets out to find her lost friend - to embark upon a quest for memories that are lost, a journey towards happiness.

On the other hand, Sean is looking for something to lose, sulking about the memories from the past. With a hidden connection that he holds with her childhood friend, he writes the best chapter in Emma’s life - to help her reach out to her memories, and discover the lost Callahan within her. The novel is a gripping tale of everlasting love and friendship - that is found and lost, only to be found again.