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“The poetry of Shruti Das, from Odisha, India has reached me in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and impressed me, because they are also beautiful music to our ears and wonderful paintings to our eyes, all at once “that swing us into a timeless melody”.
She makes silence speak through her poems, which she has written “for you, me and everyone”. They are “about mothers and daughters pressed between expression and silence”, spoken by “quiet eyes”.
Some of the poems are about inequality, and social injustice, but presented in new and creative forms. The ‘Lady of Myths’ tells us about the story of mankind, and the poem about mountains tells how man has been destroying our environment and molesting Mother Earth. Each poem makes us pause and think, as all poetry should be.”
Daya Dissanayake,
Educationist,Writer, Activist,
Sri Lanka
“I really enjoyed reading your poetry. It is gentle and profound”
– Rosemarie Rowley. Poet, Ireland.
“Each poem is a nugget you can be proud of. They voice humanitarian concerns and are couched in passionate and precise expression. The language is chiselled to suit the feelings precisely. There are also echoes of Shakespeare and Eliot. I like the description of evening as Cleopatra stretching out on her barge in all her allure. The Song Unsung is another moving piece. I didn’t realise so much poetic talent is bottled up in Shruti. Thomas Gray was right: Full many a gem of purest ray serene lies hidden”
- Prof. E. Nageswara Rao, Hyderabad, India