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The Will Of God
The Will Of God Seema Sudan

Two fascinating lives of, Tara- born in a small district to a family of landlords and chosen by destiny to be in the forefront of the changing and challenging Indian political scenario. Her marriage to a local politician changes her life completely, though she dons her new role remarkably but is still yearning to be happy. Rohan-born into a business family of metropolitan India is faced with losing everything to the banks; in face of the impending recession. This fast paced suspense thriller, brings to the forefront the political apathy, clairvoyant vision and unmasked determination to win. The story is set in the contemporary period illuminating the surprising twists and turns of fortune that take the reader to the world of treachery ,lies, deceit and desperation leading to a series of events, happenings and misunderstandings empowering the belief of “The Will Of God”.