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Love Has Wings Into The Unknown
Love Has Wings Into The Unknown Mamata Dey

Ravi and Sheela are childhood friends, and when they enter into their teens, they realize they are in love with each other. At the age of fifteen, Ravi loses his parents in an accident. His uncle comes and takes him back to his native place. Thus Ravi is separated from Sheela. In the meantime, Sheela’s parents get her married to a low-paid, plump government employee, and Ravi is married to an MLA’s daughter. Twenty years pass away, and one fine day, Sheela spots Ravi in a fair. Somehow, she gets in touch with him, and their old flame of love is revived. Thus begins an extramarital affair between them, unknown to their respective spouses. They secretly meet in parks and beaches and consummate their love in hotel rooms. On one such occasion, they unwillingly become witnesses in a rape case, which happens in the hotel room adjacent to theirs. In a bid to escape the consequences, they land high up in the Himalayas, in a strange world ruled by a Godman. They become his disciples and enjoy love and togetherness for two years. When the beautiful daughter of the Godman comes and proposes to Ravi, Ravi rejects her marriage proposal, and the Godman kills both Ravi and Sheela, who die in each other’s arms.