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Beyond Life! Beyond Death!
Beyond Life! Beyond Death! Jernail Singh Anand

Beyond Life! Beyond Death! is a post-colonial statement on the life of the post modern man, who has suffered emotional, psychological, and spiritual erosion, as a result of which he has lost his mental balance, and his physical shape too. He is a distorted figure now, beyond recognition, and in search of his redemption as a human being, which is eluding him, because, religion has failed to come to his rescue, no prophet can salvage him now, that he has slipped down the 'wasteland' into the 'wretchedland'. In this dark atmsophere, spiritual regeneration alone can help him out of this morass, for which, man will have to look beyond religion, into the possibilities of living in spirituality, which is a bypass and connects man directly with the divine, using love is the binding force, rather than fear on which religious establishment is built.