Ebbs and Flows of Ancient Imperial Power, 3000 BC–AD 900

A Short History of Ancient Religion, War, Prosperity, and Debt

by Will Slatyer



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 454
ISBN : 9781482894516

About the Book

Ebbs and Flows of Ancient Imperial Power, 3000 BC–AD 900 provides a flow of history throughout the ancient world, describing the ebbs and flows of empires and their power. Author Will Slatyer presents empires in China and India in the same timeframes as Mediterranean empires to show patterns of similarity. During ancient times, wars were a vital part of power-building, focusing on gaining territory and wealth for ancient priests and kings who evolved into imperial leaders with absolute power. Religion was an important factor in allowing the popular power of leaders—until contamination of foreign religions diluted their authority. The financial evolution had its origins in the weights of precious metals owned by temples, which were then converted into gold and silver coins that could be used for retail purchases and to pay individual taxes. When governments took full control of the minting of coins, they also commenced the debasement of the value of money that continues to the present day. Ebbs and Flows of Ancient Imperial Power, 3000 BC–AD 900 shows that fear and greed experienced by the priest, kings, pharaohs, and emperors of ancient times have not changed from the fear and greed of modern leaders. Much can be learned from an overview of historic empires.

About the Author

In two decades, Will Slatyer has progressed from a history dilettante to a historian. Will’s careers in the navy and as a commodities broker, commodity futures manager, and merchant banker provided him with the skills and knowledge for this study. He currently lives in Australia.