BookStream Video Advertising - Standard

₹ 2,17,000.00

To reach readers, you’ll need a comprehensive marketing campaign. More often than not, this includes looking beyond the traditional approaches and trying out digital marketing methods such as book video advertising through YouTube, one of the biggest website out there.

With our BookStream Video Advertising service, authors like you get the opportunity to have your book video viewed by YouTube’s active users as an advertising break before or in between videos. The ad features vital information about your book, including where or when it will be available for purchase. When your video advertisement is clicked, it will lead the user to your book’s page on Partridge bookstore or a specific retailer website of your choosing.

This package includes:

  • Standard Book Video (without voice-over)
    • Creation of a custom-made video, approximately 45-60 seconds in length
    • Storytelling through text and 2-D graphics and image
    • Placement of a link to your video in the About the Book section of your book details in the Imprint Bookstore
    • Web streaming capability
  • 30-second version of the Standard Book Video to be used in the YouTube campaign
  • 30 days Video Marketing Campaign on YouTube

About YouTube

With over 1 billion active users, YouTube isn’t just another popular video sharing site. In fact, its diverse users make up one-third of the internet today.* This has resulted to an impressive 114,000 years of YouTube videos watched every single day. Some of the most common searches include content under entertainment, education, and information.

*As of 2018


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