Display Advertising on Google - 90 days

₹ 1,02,700.00

Reaching 90% of all internet users in over 100 countries, Google is one of the largest display networks there is. Google has 4.3 billion daily page views and an astounding 1 billion monthly visitors. There are over 2 million websites and partner/participating websites – including specific Google websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube – displaying AdWords ads.

Display Ads on Google will help you reach potential readers from all over the world by simply posting your book ad on content sites they visit. You are even free to specify to whom your book ad appears to through criteria like location, age, language, interest, topic, keywords and name websites part of Google’s Network.

What You Get:

  • Creation of your book ad in different formats: website text ads, website image ads, or both
  • Placement of your book ad on websites relevant to your book on the Google Display Network for 90 days

When you use your existing Partridge-designed website as a landing page, up to 10 GB of excess bandwidth per month is covered by this service.

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