Book Exhibit - International Show

₹ 1,31,900.00

Go global and make your presence known in the international publishing community. Meet potential readers from different parts of the world. Engage the international media and share your story. Interact with fellow authors and book buyers in the publishing community. With this service, your title’s marketing and bookselling potentials are boundless.

  • Inclusion in International Show Exhibit
  • Full-Page Black & White Ad in Exhibit Catalogue
  • Press Release Campaign Essential – 500 outlets

How It Works:

  1. Partridge will create an original and compelling press release targeting media outlets and directing the reading public’s attention to your participation in your selected book exhibits. The press release will be broadcasted to traditional and new media outlets, and to thousands of interested readers.
  2. At the show of your choice, your book will be assigned a number, either based on its Dewey Decimal Subject Category at library shows, or alphabetically, by publisher at international venues.
  3. Your book's entry in the exhibit catalog will include its title, your name as the author (as well as that of the illustrator and/or editor, where applicable), year of publication, price, ISBN, a 25-word description (that you can write on your own, or have our professional copywriters do it for you), and citations of awards and/or honors received.
  4. We will design a full-page black-and-white advertisement of your book for the exhibitor catalog, which we will send to you for your approval.
  5. Partridge’s information will be included in the catalog as part of the publisher directory, complete with all pertinent contact and distribution information.
  6. Your book will be displayed along with other Partridge titles in a prime position on the exhibit floor.
  7. Your book will be displayed face-out on the shelf.
  8. A sticker bearing a unique QR code will be placed on the lower left hand side of the cover of the books that will be displayed. Book fair attendees can then scan the code using the CBE Book Fair Buddy app to learn more about your book. Using the app, they can add your book to their to-be-read list, share that with friends, family, or on their social media pages and even get connected to a variety of reseller sites where they can purchase your book.
  9. This information is also available online, in a live, searchable database and archived for up to one year.
  10. Official report and PDF of the exhibit catalog can also be found online for up to one year after the event.
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  • The event organizers may change the schedule and book exhibit format (virtual, physical, or a combination of both) without prior notice. Please contact Partridge India to confirm dates for you.
  • The Purchase Deadline will be two (2) weeks before your preferred show’s Registration Deadline.