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Dr. Anupama Rajesh

Dr. Anupama Rajesh, author of Stratégie

This is my third book with them and there is one more work -in – progress. They are excellent publishing Partners, providing all requisite services.

Matilda Pinto

Matilda Pinto, author of Fisticuffs of the Soul

The Publishers took charge and waited by me tirelessly to complete my writing and reviews.

Santhosh Gangadharan

Santhosh Gangadharan, author of Spinning into Oblivion

It gave a tremendous insight into the world of language and literature as a whole.

Till the Last Cut is Delivered by Vasanth Kumar J

Vasanth Kumar J, author of Till the Last Cut is Delivered

Partridge was very supportive and motivated me to do well in all aspects. They helped me learn the nuances of publishing, which is a whole new process one the manuscript is done and taken to the next levels and is a must learn for all writers. The team was amazing and worked on my comfort and did not push in terms of deadlines…they were persuasive however, in helping me complete my manuscript which I must sincerely appreciate.

S. Chitrai Kani

S. Chitrai Kani, author of Shape Your Life: Body and Mind

Very good and systematic.

Dr. Bhavena Saxena

Dr. Bhavena Saxena, author of Emily Dickinson: A Pictorial Artist

Great experience. They almost, holding my finger took me to my destination. They helped with all the patience and encouragement. I am highly obliged and grateful to them.

Shobha Kulkarni

Shobha Kulkarni, author of Invisible Threads

Awesome. The whole Partridge Publisher Group was very supportive. I soon overcame the initial fear and hesitation. Thank you.

Deepali Paresh Khona

Deepali Paresh Khona, author of Veg World

My journey with Partridge was excellent and memorable. The entire team of Partridge was very supportive and Helpful. They were always available to solve my queries. Thanks to the entire Partridge team and I would love to work with them in future.

Palak Mahajan

Palak Mahajan, author of A Wayfare

My overall experience with Partridge India is appreciable. Unlike many other self-publishing entities in India, everything goes in a systematic manner at Partridge. I mean from payment, MS submission, cover design, formatting, and CE to re-design – I have been treated professionally well and nicely by a bunch of co-operative consultants working at Partridge.

Heram Sukhathankar

Heram Sukhathankar, author of The Last Nomad

It was really excellent, thanks to the entire team at Partridge. I hope to work with them on my second book.

Discover Yourself by Nidhi Tibrewel

Nidhi Tibrewal, author of Discover Yourself

The experience with Partridge was a friendly one and the whole journey will be a memorable one.

A Book of Brainless Thought by Samir Samuel David

Samir Samuel David, author of A Book of Brainless Thought

It was a wonderful experience working with Partridge. Their support and their suggestive approach for devising out a solution for any matter related to publishing has helped me a lot. They were always available to attend any queries. It was a pleasant experience all through.

Rajiv Chopra

Rajiv Chopra, author of Percival

I loved the Partridge experience. It is seamless, friendly and extremely well managed.

Debadrita Jana

Debadrita Jana, author of Mind on Paper

In one word: excellent. My publishing consultants were very helpful in explaining the processes involved in translating Mind on Paper from a collection of Word documents on my PC to an actual book. They were quick to follow up on my queries and gave me timely reminders to send in important documents. It was all smooth sailing and now my book is published!

Latha Prem Sakhya

Latha Prem Sakhya, author of Vernal Strokes

It was indeed impressive. After working with them I feel I cannot think of any other publisher if ever I decide to publish my next book.

Musings of a Military Maverick by Yoginder Sharma

Yoginder Sharma, author of Musings of a Military Maverick

My publishing experience has been smooth and marked with cordial interactions… I am especially impressed with the quality of editing and composing and speedy response to my request for timely receipt of books.

The Ein Stein S.O.S. by Girish Rathna

Girish Rathna, author of The Ein Stein S.O.S.

It was one of the best experiences for me. To work with some of the best professionals in the industry and to feel like a team, a family is indeed a great experience.

Laxmi Parasuram

Laxmi Parasuram, author of Pursuit of Freedom

Partridge proved to be more reliable and committed than I initially expected. I would now wait and watch to see how high they can fly and spread their wings far into the marketing horizon.

S.R. Shanbhag

S.R. Shanbhag, author of A Teenager’s Death

I had a great experience working with Partridge! Everyone was very kind. Thank you Partridge for this opportunity!

Zeenat Khan

Zeenat Khan, author of Behind the Headlines

It’s [Partridge] WOW. I have thanked the entire team in my book for such a lovely experience. They were constantly in coordination all throughout the publication. The copy editing team, designing team, printing team, and finance team, you guys rock.

Dr. Megha Agrawal

Dr. Megha Agrawal, author of Hallow

Partridge made the whole journey very exciting by pumping a lot of enthusiasm from their end. The book looks amazing, well beyond my expectation. Friendly advices poured in whenever I needed them. Everything was very systematically done. I am truly grateful to each and every member of this huge team for helping in making of this book (directly or indirectly). Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning.

The only issue with self publishing is the cost factor. Since the book is on Print on demand basis, it is quite costly. Even the packages are costly though I am very satisfied with the end product.

Dr P.C. Sharma

Dr P.C. Sharma, author of GHOSTMEN: the Journey of Your Dreams

A good, pleasing and richly learning experience. All are committed sincere and dependable.

Mira Midha

Mira Midha, author of Silent Voices on Paper White

Partridge has a very professional yet personal team who guided and paved my way so smoothly that before I knew it my book was published.

Summi Arora

Summi Arora, author of Revelations- Poems on Life

It was totally awesome. I had the best consultants with me since beginning. I never had to rush for anything. Owing to my project deadlines in office, I couldn’t spend much time on book. Still, the Partridge team was patient enough to handle everything on time. I would like to thank them all.

Nandita Das

Nandita Das, author of Colors of Delight

As of now, I love my publishing experience with Partridge. I found them so very supportive and easy to work with, very helpful and quick. A BIG THANK YOU to Partridge publishing. I highly recommend Partridge publishing to would-be-authors.

Asma Husain

Asma Husain, author of A Small Window in the Iron Gate

It was smooth and interactive.

Siddharth Srinivasan

Siddharth Srinivasan, author of A Schoolboy Dreams’

I think that the thing I enjoyed the most during my whole publishing experience is how Partridge made me feel so comfortable. Since I was very busy, the editing of the poems took a long time, during which Partridge gave me their full support and cooperation. They made me feel as if they were as concerned as I was over every nitty-gritty detail, and agonized over the publishing of the book as much as I did. I think that, for an aspiring author, the most important thing is to feel that what they have to say is important- and Partridge made me feel that way about my book.

Manjuri Neogi

Manjuri Neogi, author of 100 Shades of Life

It is an exceptionally good experience to be part of Partridge, who has motivated and guided me in this journey of publishing with full professionalism.

Seema Sudan

Seema Sudan, author of The Will of God

It was truly a pleasure; the entire process was followed very professionally.

Rahul Nachhiketa

Rahul Nachhiketa, author of Hymn of the Heart

Partridge had been very professional in approach. Normally for a first time writer publishing, is a big challenge. I felt at ease and prompt service by consultant. Partridge has given immense confidence to become successful professional writer with a tag of “Most wanted”!!

Dr. Sumita Dutta Kharkongor

Dr. Sumita Dutta Kharkongor, author of The Voyage Within

For a first time writer, editing was a big challenge. But I am grateful for the professional help in the publishing process which I received every step of the way from all my consultants. The Book is beyond my expectation and Partridge has given me immense confidence.

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