Silly Fishy Stories for Kids

by Denis Hayes



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Language :
Publication Date : 1/11/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781482894394

About the Book

Does living in the sea stop these creatures from living the wild life? Of course not. Peter Penguin is bored with his life. He and his pals are discontented until one day some innocent play goes very wrong. Flooky is a flying fish who doesn’t want to fly because he is a fish, not a bird. His brothers give up on him but his mother eventually makes the break through. Ms. Crab has a problem. Crabs walk sideways but she goes straight. She never ends up in the same place as her friends. A friendly shellfish gives her guidance. Sammy Seahorse is disappointed. He actually isn’t a horse and can’t do horsey things that is until Ollie Octopus sorts things out. Ollie is a young octopus who can’t control many of his eight arms. He would prefer to have only two but then he wouldn’t be an octopus would he? His problem is solved by an uncle who takes him in hand after a nasty clash with Cedric shark. Cedric is a sympathetic shark who is getting thin because he can’t bear to eat his friends in the reef. An attack by two nasty sharks helps to solve the problem. Stella is a stagestruck starfish. She is determined to become a rockstar but her singing is so bad that all the other fish go on holiday when she rehearses. She forms a band that eventually finds a way to solve the problem. Eddie Electric Eel and Stanley Stingray are normally rivals but have become buddies as they are losing their power. Eddie’s uncle tells the lads a way to get plugged in again. Sinclair the Sea dragon is upset as dragons are fearful creatures who fly and belch fire. He does not. How can you breathe fire under water when the water puts it out? A friendly dolphin helps him out. Pauline Puffer Fish is insufferable. She knows she is dangerous and loves the power her poison gives her. She is puffed up alright, with pride until one day she upsets a marlin. Not a good idea.

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