Silly Animal Stories for Kids

by Denis Hayes



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Language : English
Publication Date : 28/8/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 77
ISBN : 9781482892505

About the Book

Can such things really happen to animals? Of course they can and of course they do in this book. Spike is an enterprising spider. When he is washed away in the bath he forms a water park ride for his friends. He is blown out from a fan and forms the flying spiders but does not succeed in making pop stars of his wife and daughters, a disaster. After many adventures and mishaps he finally retires. Sebastion Seagull doesn’t want to leave the nest when he grows up - he thinks flying is too dangerous and not natural. He suffers humiliation until one day he becomes an unlikely hero. Squidgy is a forgetful squirrel having all sorts of problems until one day he escapes and finds his way. Ellie is a gorgeous baby elephant but very spoilt and very vain. She refuses to use her trunk to eat as she thinks it disgusting. Her mother despairs but her father, the big bull elephant solves the problem. Ozzie Ostrich has an identity crisis. He is a bird but he can’t sing, hop or fly. He tries and trains hard then one day he becomes famous. Winnie Worm is worried. She is born with eyes but no other worms understand because they can’t see what she is going on about. Mr. Wiseworm solves her problem. Beryl is a not so busy bee. She is a nuisance until one day she finds something she is good at. Freddie is an antisocial fly until one day he is exposed as silly and vain and decides to change. Tina Turtle is a beautiful real life story of a young boy who rescues a gorgeous tiny terrapin from a plastic pot on sale at a school fete and the bond they come to share.

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