Silly Ghost Stories for Kids

by Denis Hayes



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Language :
Publication Date : 1/11/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781482894400

About the Book

The Ghosts that haunt Highfields Tower are spooky, wild and fearsome but very entertaining. In fact that is their job - to scare and entertain the visitors. The Reliable Ghost has become bored and boring. He successfully decides to liven up his act. The Absent Minded Ghost is headless and in trouble. He usually carries his head tucked underneath his arm but when he puts it down he forgets where he left it. The head can see but can’t move and the body can move but can’t see. Their rows spill over into the Great Hall. The Chained Woman doesn’t sympathise at all with the Crying Lady until they form a double act. They are so convincing as Ghosts that spectators think they are actors. When they are shown that the Ghosts are real there is a panic. The Necrodominator is a terrible Ghoul. He doesn’t just haunt he terrifies. One day he goes too far and has to be found another job. The Silent Lady haunts the Special Room. She tempts those brave enough to stay in the room to follow her. She always disappears through a door that was never there. Calamity is a clumsy Ghost. He cannot do ghostly things. He scares no one until one day something unusual happens. The Usurper just appears one day uninvited and unannounced Why he is there is a mystery until he fights to get attention and puts right what he thinks is wrong. Then he disappears, never to return. The Invisible Ghost of course finds it difficult to convince anyone he is actually there because he is invisible. He finds dramatic and startling ways to impress people. The Adventures of the Man who walked through the Door that wasn’t there tells the thrilling story of the man who did just that and finally found his way back after many dangerous encounters.

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