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Colour Image Insertion

We can scan and convert your full-colour images to make them appear crisp and clean on the pages of your book. These images can range from photos, tables, charts, diagrams and other full-colour graphics.

Submission Guidelines for Image Insertion:

  • All graphics— photos, tables, charts, diagrams, drawings, foreign fonts, and any file— that is not text must be saved separate from your manuscript itself and saved in a 300-dpi TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) file format.
  • We also require a separate back-up TIFF (.tif) file for each of the graphics
  • For full-bleed images, we need an extra ¼” bleed around the images, but text and any details not to be cut have to be within a ¼” from the edges.
  • All images not to be full-bleed should be sized ¼” from the edges.
  • Additional fee is 500 per image insertion
  • Images will be in colour (four colour CMYK)
  • The book cover does not count as a graphic image. It can be in full colour and is free of charge.
  • Printer slang for “full colour” is “four colour” which means the full range of colours, not in the literal sense.

Thinking of adding more images to your book? Purchase this service as an add-on. Please click here for information in the price.