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E-book Submission Guidelines

Why are submission guidelines different for e-books?

We will distribute your e-book to retail outlets which means your e-book must meet specific standards required by each retailer. These standards are often defined by proprietary technology or presentation requirements on behalf of the retailer.

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I’ve published with you before and you didn’t have these guidelines. What has changed?

As with all technology, enhancements and updates are critical to a platform’s effectiveness. As this segment of the book market evolves, devices and standards of retailing will influence new developments.

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Can I submit a PDF for you to use when formatting my e-book?

You can submit a PDF, but we discourage it because it will limit your book’s distribution.

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Can I distribute my e-book for free?

A "free e-book" promotion can be an effective way to market your title. This can be accomplished using our BookStub™ cards service. Your publishing package may include BookStub™ cards.

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Is it possible to advertise a special price on my cover?

Though we are unable to display promotional prices on cover art, we recommend your e-book cover be eye-catching to stand out among other titles in your category.

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I’d like to embed a video file in my e-book. Can you?

At this time we are unable to embed video or audio files. We are able to link to files hosted by you. If you decide to link to a file, be sure that it remains active so your e-book won’t be rejected for inactive hyperlinks.

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What are specific vendor requirements?

Our vendors will not accept:

  • Content designed to be interactive (e.g., puzzles, colouring books, journals, etc.)
  • Non-English content that has not been proofed
  • Low-resolution images
  • Content displaying multiple font sizes
  • Content with references to pages numbers
  • Content references to physical materials (e.g., CDs, posters, audio books, etc.)
  • Books with “exclusive” as part of the title or subtitle
  • Nonstandard capitalisation for a title or subtitle
  • Books without cover art
  • Covers with art less than the 1,400-pixel minimum
  • Covers with unnecessary borders
  • Cover art designed to intentionally confuse readers
  • URL that does not go to a current live site
  • Links or statements of where to buy an e-book from a competing vendor
  • Pen names with additional designations (e.g., illustrated by, translated by, etc.)
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Amazon doesn’t require some of the guidelines written in your policy. Why have you implemented them?

In order to maximise the potential reach for your e-book, we submit your final e-book to multiple retailers. Our standards ensure the files we deliver meet or exceed the retailer requirements for all of our vendors.

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