Kirkus Title Expose


Do you want to establish an online presence for your book and attract a following?

A book giveaway is a good place to start, because this gives you the chance to personally find like-minded readers and even boost your reputation. Now, imagine if you can have your own giveaway online. You won't just find potential readers in your area, but quite possibly around the world too!

Collaborating with a revered publishing name like the Kirkus Reviews should be able to help you have a successful online giveaway. With our Kirkus Title Expose, you wouldn't even need to start your own book giveaway from scratch because your book will be included in Kirkus' organized online book giveaway. This giveaway will be promoted around the Kirkus website and will be advertised in their newsletter.

With this service, you get:

  • A two-week online giveaway. Your book will be listed in one of Kirkus’s Online Giveaways.
  • 100 digital BookStub™ cards to be given away. The digital BookStub™ cards offer a link to a one-time downloadable free copy of your e-book. This will be sent to participants of the campaign.
  • A standard side box ad announcing the giveaway. It will be placed on’s homepage and on one issue of Kirkus’ eNewsletters, Critic’s Picks. The ad redirects to Kirkus’s online giveaway page where your book will be displayed along with other works. The side box ad will also have information about the giveaway that should be able to encourage visitors to get a free sample copy of your book.

Kirkus Reviews was founded in 1933 and continues to be an authoritative voice in book discovery. As of 2019, Kirkus reviews 10,000 books per year, garners an average of 2.6 million website impressions per month, and fosters 65,000 email newsletter subscribers.

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