Book Exhibit Plus - International


If you’re having trouble finding the right avenues to promote your book internationally, then look no further than our Book Exhibit Plus package. This unique service provides countless possibilities for your book to be seen by international rights agents and international publishers.

The Book Exhibit Plus - International package offers the opportunity for your book to be displayed at major international book shows. Not only will you get exhibit space for you book, you also get a registered profile. This provides you with a digital platform to help you develop essential business relationships with publishers and agents.

Service Inclusions:

  • Your book exhibited at the following events:
    • Frankfurt Book Fair
    • London Book Fair
    • US Book Show
    • Guadalajara Book Fair
    • Beijing International Book Fair
  • Profile set-up and a 5-year membership on 

Frankfurt Book Fair
As the biggest book and media fair in the world, it has attracted roughly 7,500 exhibitors from over 100 countries. As the whole industry gathers, business opportunities and networking activities are endless.

London Book Fair
This fair is considered a global marketplace for negotiating sales, distribution, and content rights across different platforms, having over 24,000 attendees from 124 countries in 2014 alone.

US Book Show
Booksellers, librarians, readers, and publishers converge at PW’s (Publishers Weekly) US Book Show to network with their fellow professionals, and look for information about upcoming titles. The US Book Show is an online festival that enables its attendees to hear top speakers from the book industry, and discover new books through an online exhibit from various publishers.

Guadalajara Book Fair
This fair is focused on professionals and the public alike. Over nine days, Guadalajara is transformed into the epitome of the book industry, as book enthusiasts congregate to experience one of the most renowned international literary festivals.

Beijing International Book Fair
In the past 20 years, this fair has become a prominent feature in the publishing industry. In 2013, it boasted over 2,000 exhibitors from 76 countries, incorporating copyright trade, book trade, cultural events, displays, consultation services, and professional networking.

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Note: The event organizers may change the schedule and book exhibit format (virtual, physical, or a combination of both) without prior notice. Please contact Partridge Singapore to confirm dates for you.

How It Works:

  • At each show, your book will be assigned a number, either based on its Dewey Decimal subject category at library shows, or based on where it lies alphabetically by publisher at international venues.
  • Your book will be displayed along with other titles in a prime position on the exhibit floor.
  • Your book will be displayed face-out on the shelf.
  • A sticker bearing a unique QR code will be placed on the lower left hand side of the cover of the books that will be displayed. Book fair attendees can then scan the code using the CBE Book Fair Buddy app to learn more about your book. Using the app, they can add your book to their to-be-read list, share that with friends, family, or on their social media pages and even get connected to a variety of reseller sites where they can purchase your book.


Negotiating international rights for the years of hard work you have carried out is no easy feat. simplifies this process and helps you connect with agents and publishers alike.

Once logged in, you can search for publishers looking for new titles or agents seeking authors to represent. There’s even an internal messaging system that permits member to member messaging, but you can dictate which type of member can contact you by controlling your privacy settings. To showcase your talent and draw attention, you can also add your books to your profile.

Prior to the book fairs, you can specify which international book shows your book will be exhibited at, and send members an online rights catalogue to initialize the rights transaction process.

With countless other features, is the platform authors have been longing for!

Exhibitor Details

In the event that you are unable to exhibit your titles on the scheduled dates for any or all of the five shows, you have the option to book these shows the following year.

Once registered, you will receive a guide to help navigate and make use of to its full extent as you will be responsible for maintaining your profile.

Please note that due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, book exhibit shows may be virtual, physical, or a combination of both.