Analysing Comparatively the select poems of Rajendra Bhandari and Jayanta Mahapatra

by Dr. Shobha Sharma


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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/3/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 202
ISBN : 9781543708103

About the Book

The book in hand Analysing Comparatively the select Poems of Rajendra Bhandari and Jayanta Mahapatra has its own importance in an age when we are mired by narrow regionalism and compartmentalization. We have marred the very essence of Indian literature by boxing them up in various categories like Indian writing in English, Hindi literature, Tamil literature, Nepali literature and the like. We are yet to talk about the unified core or ethos of the literature coming out of India. This segregation hasn’t done us any good. This book which clubs Bhandari writing in marginalized Nepali with Mahapatra who writes in English, pitching them together simply on the merits of their writing which is representative of the times and places that they live in and not on the basis of the language in which they chose to express themselves, we see the wholeness of Indian literature. From the misty hills of Kanchenjunga to the arid plains of Orissa, humanity and its myriad concerns remain the same. Irrespective of geography and climate- exploitation, hunger, marginalization, dehumanization is rampant everywhere.

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