Disaster Management : Optimising The Global Military Response

by Maj Gen Amardeep Bhardwaj PhD


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Language : English
Publication Date : 27-01-2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9781543708257
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9781543708240

About the Book

In this seminal work, Major General Amardeep Bhardwaj, PhD - a soldier-scholar of global eminence - brilliantly combines his professional experience of 40 years in the military – including Disaster/Emergency operations, planning, policy and advocacy - with over 10 years of focussed research in the subject to present a masterpiece that oozes with creativity and innovative-thinking. ⁂ As the unrelenting scourges of climate change, global warming, unsustainable growth and crass commercialisation - at the cost of environmental degradation - tighten their vice-like grip on planet Earth, disasters are occurring with increasing frequency and ferocity. How far are you from the next flood, earthquake, tsunami, fire, gas leak or radiation hazard? Throughout history, soldiers, sailors and airmen around the world have been at the forefront in responding to disasters; saving lives, bringing succour and dispending aid. Yet, the hidden truth is that militaries are not optimally trained, equipped, organised or mandated to undertake such specialised humanitarian tasks. There is huge scope for them to accrue much higher ‘peace-dividends’ in serving humanity. Exhibiting true ‘Thought Leadership’, this scholarly treatise offers an array of exciting new perspectives to optimise the world’s militaries for higher efficiencies in disaster response, thus narrowing the worrying gap in mankind’s coping capabilities. A must for all those involved in disaster operations across the globe; especially the military, para-military, civil-defence, police and other emergency services; it offers valuable insights for policy-makers, practitioners, students and stakeholders. Futuristic, provocative and insightful, this rare book has global appeal and world-wide relevance. Brilliantly researched, convincingly argued and lucidly presented, it makes compelling reading. You simply cannot put it away, the book will jump right back at you and demand action – NOW!

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