A word worth knowing, a meaning worth understanding and a trophy worth collecting!



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Language : English
Publication Date : 06-03-2017

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 32
ISBN : 9781482847116

About the Book

"Thousands have said that experience is the best teacher. I agree to it with all my heart.” Aflred, an efficient and intelligent person, is dead set and determined that experience is the key to success. The plot dwindles down to whether the aficianado succumbs to failure or not, given the extremeties of the scenario. Can he prove to his boss that he is a man of perseverance? Like Alfred, Rajaram Ganesan too is determined to convey a message. He loves the English language and believes it can be used to bend reality to the wind of thought. That is the motivation behind pouring out his heart and soul into this short story about Alfred. Rajaram was born in India, but makes his home in Abu Dhabi, a gracious land of true virtues, wherein he acquired the firm moral background that he wishes to illustrate in this book.

About the Author

Rajaram Ganesan, hailing from Chennai, India is an avid reader, who was born in 1999. Relishing music, he also holds Trintity music examination certificates. His mother tongue being Tamil, Rajaram loves learning a foreign language, English. Only 14 years old at the time of writing this book, his purpose is to channel moral values through his young voice to help you, the reader, have a brighter day.