The Science of Cricket

Insight of Internal Technical Facets of Cricket

by K. N. Chauhan


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Language : English
Publication Date : 16-04-2014

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 418
ISBN : 9781482818109

About the Book

It explains how to adjust the target; its uses and the damage caused by failing to grasp the target; from what places the ball approaching to the batsman offers him the understanding of playing it; the impact of the white and red balls on the brain and body; forms of batting and bowling techniques; technical aspects of international-level coaching; how to utilize the power of the brain, the body, and the eyes sensibly; how to read the ball to play with appropriate footwork; how to control the gripping function of the bat; advantages and disadvantages of indirect and direct target games; in-form and out-of-form positions; how the player needs to improve his game gradually; how and why does the technique change at the international level after experiences of two years; technical differences between the domestic- and international-level cricket; errors committed in the use of head and eyes in viewing the ball and making footwork accordingly; errors caused due to disturbance in the operations of bat and grip; differences between technical aspects of the regular bowler and batsman and bowling-related technicalities; damages happening to a regular bowler in doing regular batting and (vice versa) to a regular batsman doing regular bowling; technical differences between pace and spin bowling, including reasons of injuries and their remedies; how the use of mental and physical powers differ as per different techniques the bowling possesses.

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